Never mind the gig work

Coffeebots @ rC3

We have a gig! we have a gig!

The Coffeebots will premiere the first part of „Never Mind the Gig Work…“ at the Congress (äh, actually: Remote Chaos Experience) rC3 on December 29. 2021 – 22:00h in the c-base stream.

YES! IT IS THE WORLD PREMIERE of our marionette puppet extravaganza full of robots, coffee, punkrock space shanties, and algorithmic capitalism. In the language of the Internet: Easy English with heavy accents and lots of technobabble. It will be the first of three acts that we videotaped at the c-base with the c-atre collectivdrama in december 2021. Acts two and three will follow and hopefully we can go live on stage with a real audience in the spring of 2022.

Thanks to Robert Reckin for the music, excds for re-recording and re-mixing our voices and cven for his work as lighting technician and camera operator!