Screening 18. Nov im X-HAIN

Hacker- and Makerspaces play an important role in our story so we are happy to present the film „Nevermind the Gigwork…“ at X-HAIN, the fantastic, well, errr, Hacker- and Makerspace in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Put your tools aside from your current tinker-ideas, take a break from your coding-project and give your 3-D printer the night off to come to the movies! Grab some popcorn, lean back and enjoy the adventure of the coffeebots on the big screen with the nerdy audience the movie was made for.

Come by at Grünberger Strasse 16 on Saturday, November 18h around eight to see a short live performance of our bots to warm you up and (re-)watch our one-hour feature film.

Follow our brave little coffeebots and their struggle against the algorithmic capitalist system. Fly with us to the end of the universe to fight the big bad endboss and enjoy some tunes along the journey. Get ready for some old-school hand-made science fiction.

This is the reconstruction of the videorecorded version of a nerdy marionette puppet play that was never performed. The completion of a work long in the making, and in the end turned out to be a film. The coffeebots and those that pull their strings will be present and perform that evening. We use the language of the Internet: Easy English with heavy accents and lots of technobabble.

Full HD, 64 Minutes, colour, original music and score, english with english subtitles, Berlin 2022

There Will Be Popcorn!