Science Fiction Puppet Theatre

Press-Release from the Coffeebots:

We are working on a theatre play to be performed live. It will be a marionette puppet extravaganza full of robots, coffee, punkrock space shanties, and algorithmic capitalism. Our play will use the language of the Internet: Easy English with heavy accents and lots of technobabble. The working title is „Never mind the gig work… here’s the Coffeebots!“

Premiere is scheduled later this year at the Remote Chaos Experience (rC3) after winter solistice and before New Year. On bord of c-base. More live shows will follow. See you soon and stay awake!

We are still looking for help:

Voice actress & puppeteer for Lady Machiatta.
We have a plan.
We have a play.
We need your talent.

If you are interested please mail to coffeebots (ät)