OFF GRID: Stealth Hacking

OFF GRID : Stealth Hacking is a 3rd person game (in developement at the moment) where data is your most powerful weapon.
Gameplay utilises unique mechanics that allow you to manipulate the world and people around you with the data they unwittingly leave behind. It’s a stealth game where the player can truly hack and manipulate objects in the environment.

OFF GRID forgoes combat for hacking tools and ingenuity, and is completely moddable. And there is a playable Demo out now! (until June 22nd 2020) OFF Grid on STEAM

And since it’s a Hackergame, there will be a level depicting the Chaos Communication Camp 2019. And since it’s moddable and has a connection to the community, Milliways, Geraffelvillage and c-base has been asked to create their village of the Camp. To be playable in the game! Yeah! Didn’t have to ask twice for that.

Marten and me created a Trailer for the Camp 2011 (see previous post) so I still had some models to start with and built the Sub-Antenna, Sternzelt and some other accessories to be used in the future game. (If you’re part of a community or Village of the Camp and want to be in the game, contact the developers!)

Happy Towelday!

Marvin, der depressive Coffeebot, rezitiert sein Gedicht über das Elend der Welt.
(Quelle: Douglas Adams, Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis)
Sprecher & Puppenspieler: Robert Reckin
Schnitt: e-punk
Aufgenommen zum Towelday 25. 05. 2020
Ein kleines bisschen Science Fiction Literatur. Aufgenommen zum Towelday 25. 05. 2020


I do like coffee. One of my preferred ways of brewing it is with the moka pot (caffettiera, macchinetta) or in German just Espressokanne.

Unfortunately I did forget it on the gas stove more than once. Sometimes I was able to rescue the pot, other times it was just burnt and I had to get a new one (unable to throw the old ones out, of course). So over the years the collection of aluminium pots grew and on some drunken nights we discovered their artistic potential.

Now (as of April 2020) during the Corona-lockdown I had a lot of time to do some senseless but fun projects. So turning the discarded espresso-makers into marionettes with some screws, nuts and bolts the gang came to live and formed the Coffebots.