Never mind the gig work

Coffeebots @ rC3

We have a gig! we have a gig!

The Coffeebots will premiere the first part of „Never Mind the Gig Work…“ at the Congress (äh, actually: Remote Chaos Experience) rC3 on December 29. 2021 – 22:00h in the c-base stream.

YES! IT IS THE WORLD PREMIERE of our marionette puppet extravaganza full of robots, coffee, punkrock space shanties, and algorithmic capitalism. In the language of the Internet: Easy English with heavy accents and lots of technobabble. It will be the first of three acts that we videotaped at the c-base with the c-atre collectivdrama in december 2021. Acts two and three will follow and hopefully we can go live on stage with a real audience in the spring of 2022.

Thanks to Robert Reckin for the music, excds for re-recording and re-mixing our voices and cven for his work as lighting technician and camera operator!

The Coffebots play: Fairytale of New York

It’s the end of the pandemic year 2020 so the Coffeebots chose a wonderful christmas-song by one of the greatest bands ever to sing-a-long:
Fairytale of New York by The Pogues
Of course the filming took place considering the social distancing rules and it kind of matches the beautiful lyrics.
Thanks a lot to Miriam who helped puppeteering and filming.

Whish you all nice and relaxed holidays and a geat 2021!

Welcome to

Around the year 2000 a few friends and me had a band called „Elektrosmog“. So I got the domain and with it the second one (that’s kind of where my nickname originated as well). It was a self-html-styled homepage with some of our songs. Well, the band split up and I continued the page as a calender for concerts and events in Berlin with a newsletter for some 50 people (who hardly ever came to the concerts or demos but always liked reading it to know what strange events were happening).

I changed the homepage to a wordpress-weblog later, linking videoclips, my vectorgraphics and the like. At some point the site got crashed and I didn’t bother enough to keep working on it. (Must have been around 2012 or so)

So now here we go with Version 3.0! I’m planning to put together some old stuff scattered on different platforms as an online archive, but also use it to publish new content. So I start again now, in spring 2020, with my Corona-Project. Combinig my hobbies music, theatre, animation and video using the skills I picked up over the years. So, have fun with the COFFEEBOTS!